Toilet troubles? Let us help you choose.

Has your toilet been giving your problems? Perhaps its leaking and you don’t know where its coming from? Or maybe, the flush isn’t suitable to your households needs? If so, then this guide is for you. With the help of ,, alongside our own experience, we have hand picked a number of things to lookout for when shopping to ensure you get a good toilet. Installation can be a problem for those not qualified, but picking a solid product is really as simple as following a few tips. From flush mechanism to toilet tank and bowl, we cover the most important ones below.

Low flow or no? Some consumers favor efficient toilets. Others want the most powerful flush available. For the latter, keep your eyes peeled for gravity fed, or pressure assisted options. These usually have a listed flow rate of 1.6 gallons. On the other hand, those wanting a low flow product, you’ll want to look for those either labelled as WaterSense, or a flow rate of 1.28 gallons and below.

One piece or two piece? These are the two main types of loos you’ll find on the market. There are some disadvantages to buying a two piece toilet such as it being more difficult to install. This is mainly because you have an additional step to go through of attaching the tank to the bowl. Whereas a one piece unit is carved from a single piece of ceramic. Not only is its set up less time consuming, but they tend to look far more aesthetically pleasing.

Wall hung or floor mounted? Again, this isn’t something that is considered regularly by customers. Whilst it may be more sensible for you to buy a floor mounted toilet when you already have a plumbing system and outlet in place, you can always go with a wall mounted toilet instead. These are typically an effective way to save space in smaller bathrooms as the tanks usually are built into a wall through a carrier system. What’s more, they look great.

Color. The colors you choose can make or break a washrooms theme. Small adjustments such as matching the trip lever with the faucets, the shower curtains with the toilet will make a big difference in how the room is perceived. As a general rule, we recommend sticking to brighter colors such as white, cream, and ivory. They help light up the room and make them feel more inviting.

Rough in. Something that isn’t always explained by the shops is the rough in. You’ll need to know what your rough in measurement is before you go shopping. If you don’t you could end up with a product that doesn’t fit, and leaves gaps where they shouldn’t be. Normally, modern households will be built with a 12 inch measurement, however, both 10 and 14 inches should be considered.

Bowl shape. Round or elongated will be the obvious choices for most. Elongated bowls are better suited for people looking for a more comfortable seated position, whereas models that come with a round bowl are usually designed to make the most of a smaller space.

Bowl height. Are you looking for something that goes easy on the joints? Or perhaps you want something ADA compliant? Well comfort height units are built for this very purpose. They are taller than average and far more accessible than your average loo.

Skirting. A skirted or concealed trapway is usually found on one piece toilets. They are designed to cover the piping and outline of the trap to produce a more contemporary theme.

Price. The price ranges differ wildly based on the flush mechanism, brand, and much more. Generally speaking, you can get something suitable for any residential environment for less than five hundred bucks. Anymore than that is luxury really, and you would probably be paying for fancy add ons. The only exception to this rule is perhaps the newer smart toilets.

By following and understanding the main features in the guide above, you are better equipped in finding a toilet that meets your criteria. also have a number of toilet reviews that may be helpful.