Flushing Toilet Mechanisms

Something that causes consumers untold amounts of confusion is the various types of flushing systems. We go into this in some detail, highlighting what the best toilets features include. However, there are some details we deliberately left out. How do you know which one is right for you? How do they differentiate from one another? Which is more efficient? Which brands produce the best results? All these questions will be answered below, with a short list of the popular types of flush.

Dual flush – We believe people should be given the choice in how they use their toilet. This is where dual flushing systems come in. These products are typically fitted with two buttons on the tank. Once pressed, you will be able to send a heavier or lighter amount of water down the bowl. The advantages of doing so is to help users save water by choosing a lighter flush for liquid waste.

Low flow – As the name would suggest, these products are built to conserve water and typically save up to twenty percent more water when utilized. If many homes across the USA were to switch to these HET options, this would have a huge effect on the environment.

Gravity fed – Definitely the most popular choice by consumers. These are typically the ones found in the majority of households across the country. They are operated by using a combination of flush valves, trip lever and a fixed amount of water in the tank. When the toilet needs to be flushed, simply pull the trip lever, and the flush valve will let the water through, enabling gravity to clean the bowl.

Each of these can work well in different scenarios. For those of you wanting something Eco-friendly, low flow models will be suitable, however, if you want to have the choice between high performance and high efficiency, then dual flush could be perfect for your requirements.