Popular toilet brands

If you’ve been shopping for a new toilet, you may of noticed there is a lot of choice when it comes to brand names. The sheer number of companies and sub companies can be confusing for someone without the necessary experience in the industry. We aim to go through consumers most popular choices below and rate them out of ten. We will also be digging into the ranges they provide and any extra innovations like improvements to there flush mechanisms and design.

TOTO – If you’re not already aware of TOTO, you may need to do more research. For they are without a doubt our favorite toilet brand. They offer products in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and performance levels. Some of the well known ranges they produce include Carlyle, Drake, Aimes, Clayton, Entrada, and Legato. We give TOTO 9/10.

Kohler – Another big name, with smaller companies like Sterling falling under there umbrella. They produce a number of great product ranges for people of all ages and abilities. They also produce other bathroom fixtures such as faucets and bidets. So they have the whole package available for people looking to renovate. Top names include Numi, Veil, Memoirs, San Souci, and Kathryn. We give Kohler toilets 8/10.

American Standard – A manufacturer that holds its own for a number of reasons. They produce numerous ADA compliant products for improved accessibility and also look to offer consumers with a solution to save water. Ranges include Champion 4, Cadet 3, and H2Option. They, like Kohler receive an 8/10

Sterling – Whilst they may be a sub brand of Kohler, they also have their own unique identity and come with some of the most affordable toilets on the market. Share many of the qualities of its parent, but with small differences in design. They offer a good variety in bowl and tank shapes which caters for those looking for something unique in their washroom. Windham, Stinson, and Rockton are all solid choices that come equipped with excellent features. Sterling get a 7/10 from us.

Mansfield – Mansfield are a company which flies under the radar quite a bit. That doesn’t take anything away from their designs. They have exceptional flushing performance and give users a number of different bowl types to enjoy. Alto and Summit are sensible options to go with. We give them a 7/10.

Gerber – If you’re a fan of unique innovations, Gerber could be a great choice. If I wanted to go with a wall hanging toilet, they would be my first choice as they have a great tank and carrier system that’s easy to work with. Not only that, but they have some beautiful contemporary designs to offer consumers. All in all, they get a solid 7/10 rating from us.